It Started with a Text


It was about 4pm in the afternoon and I was involved in a highly intelligent, deep and meaningful conversation with my colleagues, about amusing surnames. I was awoken from my moment of shallowness by the sound of a text.

Picking up the phone I discovered a message from our social worker. She was on her way back from visiting another authority to try and tie-up some loose ends still outstanding from the adoption of Winnie Whirlwind, three years ago.

The message started as an update on her findings. It finished with, “Winnie’s birth mother has had a baby, would you be interested?”

Our social worker, is brilliant, we couldn’t manage without her. She had tried phoning me at home and on my mobile, but couldn’t get hold of me. A text was the last resort. It was however, a bit of a shock. Actually that is an understatement! My initial reaction is unprintable.

My husband’s reaction is also quite difficult to recreate in black and white. Suffice to say it involved a lot of laughing and a considerable amount of persuasion that actually, I wasn’t joking!

But after a great deal of thought and discussion, we came to the conclusion that there was really only one answer. How could we possibly say no to adopting Winnie Whirlwind’s sister? How could we let them grow up apart, probably hundreds of miles apart, in different families, knowing that they could grow up together?

So our answer, which we had to give within a couple of days, was yes, yes yes.

And so we embarked on the slow and very painful process of adopting again.

That was early September. It is now January and we are living in Limboland!


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