Happy Thoughts



“Someone else is now being assessed”

This one line email heralded the entrance of two new characters into the slowly unfolding story of our foray in to adoption for the second time.

To everybody’s surprise two completely unknown entities appeared in court, out of the blue, on the day the court order was expected to be issued.

And so there ensued a Special Guardianship assessment, the outcome of which is positive.

This means we may never get to meet Winnie Whirlwind’s little sister. She may become another member of the birth family that we have to communicate with twice a year, in a false and upbeat tone, in black and white on an A4 piece of paper.

The baby’s team have asked us to ‘hang on in there’. They are contesting the Special Guardianship, as they feel she will be safer and more secure with us and her sister. They have the support of the birth mother.

The decision will be made in court, after a two day hearing, by a judge who has never met any of the characters involved in this story.

We should, we hope, be made aware of the verdict at some point on Friday. We are then scheduled to go to panel on Monday.

My self-preservation mechanism has now kicked in and as you can probably tell from the tone of this blog, all I can feel is numbness.

I need to remind myself that although this will be amazing if it happens, it was all very unexpected and we were happy as we were, despite all the stresses and strains of living with attachment disorder.

I have decided to take a leaf out of a friend’s book, who suffers from a chronic illness. To help her remain positive at the end of everyday, however bad, she jots down all the positive things that have happened and made her smile, however small.

So that is what I’m going to do, starting today….

Here we go, today’s happy thoughts: Sunshine, Pancakes and Winnie Whirlwind no longer pretending she cannot read – a huge step! Let’s hope it lasts!


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