A Spot of Coastal Therapy

It has been a stressful and rainy few months. So yesterday we decided to make the most of the sunshine, abandon real life and head for the coast.

We all love being in, on, or by the sea. As soon as we can see the sun sparkling on the water our mood’s lift. The bickering and moaning seem to float away with the sea breeze and temporary calm descends.

For Winnie Whilrwind it means freedom…

Jan to March 2014 038








…for Sammy Skateboard it means chillaxing…









…for Hairy Harry it means a combination of his two favourite activities; swimming and playing ball, (we are convinced he was a seal in a former life).

Jan to March 2014 027








And for Mum and Dad it means relative peace and quiet.

None of us can conceal our excitement when we discovered a fossil, an activity that  transcends all ages.

Jan to March 2014 018








And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without chips on the beach and a clotted cream ice-cream consumed while watching the fishing boats unload.

Tomorrow we all return to reality and months of uncertainty stretching ahead of us.

A spot of coastal therapy was just what we all needed. A brief, yet harmonious moment of family time, amidst the chaos that is currently our life. 


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