Deciding the Fate of Little Lou

April 2014 105At 11 months old Little Lou is blissfully ignorant of the turmoil that is going on around her. She has no knowledge of the fiercely fought battle that is taking place this week to determine her future. She is unaware of any of the events that have occurred in the months preceding her birth and during her short life so far, or of the extremes of emotions experienced by the people connected to her.

At the moment she is a happy bouncing baby protected by the love of her foster family. This is set to change.

Her history will be gradually unraveled in an “age appropriate manner” and all this turmoil and emotion will become part of who she is. It will help shape her identity.

And the decision about her future will be made by one person, presiding over a court, that has never met anybody involved in the case, not even Little Lou. It will be made by an autonomous decision maker, who having read the facts will decide the fate of the child, the foster carers, the birth parents, the grandparents, extended family and potential adopters, determining the path of the rest of their lives.

One thing we can say in this so called ‘case’ is that Little Lou (our daughter’s sister) is desperately wanted by everyone involved. She is definitely loved. Whether this knowledge will help her in the future is another matter…


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