Emerging from the Summer Haze

TorquayIt has been a while since I last blogged and the summer has passed in a blur of juggling work and childcare, packing and unpacking for camping trips, long hot days on the beach, fun-filled festivals, refereeing disputes, sipping wine in tents and eating too many pasties.

Winnie has grown in stature and defiance and Sammy has become a full-time teenager with a reduced vocabulary dominated by the word ‘meh’. This can mean yes, no, don’t know, maybe, or usually ‘whatever’!

I am left with a heap of washing, a very damp tent and a sense of apprehension as school starts again and the threat of  SATs and GCSEs are looming.

And the prospect of adopting again is still floating around. Despite the turmoil of the last year, we are considering adopting anyway.

A new match has been suggested, albeit in a rather vague manner and the idea of Fostering to Adopt has been mooted. The problem is nobody seems to know what this entails. A meeting has been scheduled for Fri 5th September to discuss!

So as the summer haze disappears, the temperature drops and the leaves change colour once again, our lives are still filled with uncertainties. Will we be a family of five this time next year? Will Winnie cope in SATs year? Will she cope just going back to school, wearing jumpers that are a little bit too small, because I missed the deadline for ordering new uniform? Will Sammy ditch the game controller and his skateboard and actually do some studying? Will I be able to go on my girl’s weekend to Paris? Oh, I do hope so!

I am experiencing a very strong sense of déjà vu.

All I can say, as I frantically load the washing machine before heading off to a day of meetings at work, followed by the kid’s return from a short break at Grandma’s is, “Meh!”




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