The Final Countdown

ProseccoDespite 15 months of waiting, two potential matches and five court hearings the fact that we are about to become a family of five at the very beginning of 2015, has come as a huge surprise.

After a year of putting our lives on hold we had resigned ourselves to the fact that it was never going to happen. We knew another court case was pending, but past experiences and a hint of self-preservation helped persuade us that it would be another adjournment. We had decided that if that was the case, that would be it. We did not want to spend another year living in limbo, hearing the words ‘hang on in there’! And so we had finally put the idea of adoption to the back of our minds and got on with our lives.

Baby Billy’s case went to court for a second time, on Wednesday 3rd December. We were told a decision would be made that morning. It wasn’t. The decision was finally made at 4pm on Friday 5th December, an hour before my office Christmas party started. A Placement Order was made. Needless to say I drank far too much free Prosecco that night!

And so, we then had to drop everything and go to matching panel on Monday 8th December. The following Tuesday we had to hand over our welcome book. The following Monday 22nd December I finished work and started my year’s adoption leave.

Whilst this was all happening we were knee deep in the usual chaotic preparations for Christmas. Last minute shopping, school plays, Christmas parties and the added stress of GCSE mocks meant that we have literally not had a second to stop and think about what is happening.

The house is still reeling from hosting Christmas. There are piles of toys, food and rubbish in every corner, as well as the usual mounds of washing and family detritus lying around. It’s beginning to look like an episode of ‘The Hoarder Next Door’.

And we have just seven days to ‘nest’ before the Introductions begin.

That fact that we are adopting again is amazing, but it feels completely unreal. We cannot believe it is actually happening. I don’t think anyone else can either!

And so, as you can see, while both kids are still in bed recovering from last night’s party, instead of facing up to reality and using these very rare quiet moments to start my many chores, I have decided to make myself another coffee and blog instead.


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