Heart Melting Moments

The last 17 months have been a rollercoaster of emotion for us. We have lived in a state of constant limbo, not knowing from day to day, month to month, if we were actually going to adopt again. We attempted to carry on life as normal for the sake of our two children and our own sanity, but I cannot deny the fact that it has been incredibly stressful.

But just six days in, when Baby Billy leaned in and gave me a huge slobbery, slimy kiss, I knew it had all been worthwhile. He has a huge cheeky grin that makes us all smile. Winnie Whirlwind lights up around him and even Sammy Skateboard is emerging from his room more often to come downstairs and scoop him up.

I know it is probably a honeymoon period (as the professionals keep stressing), but for now I am just going to enjoy it, because heart melting moments like this are the reason we adopt.


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