Ground Hog Day

2015 240And so the saga continues, with a hint of deja vu….

In August 2013 we were approached by a social worker asking us if we would consider adopting Winnie Whirlwind’s newborn baby sister. The following two years were incredibly stressful. We lurched from hope to uncertainty, disappointment, turmoil and finally joy, when a gorgeous baby boy joined our family at the beginning of this year.

After months of uncertainty the Adoption Order eventually went through on Friday 14th August, 2015 and we became a family of five. The timing couldn’t have been better as we set off the next day for a week of camping with family and friends in one of our favourite spots on the Cornish coast. We were looking forward to a week of sun (optimistic I know), sand, surfing, bbqs and relaxation. The fact that there was no mobile signal or WiFi on the campsite was an added bonus.

But our peace was to be short-lived. On the Monday we headed to civilisation for supplies. I turned on my phone to find a message from our social worker asking me to call her as soon as possible. My heart lurched, we had not yet received the ratification, there was still time for Baby Billy’s birth family to appeal. I called her immediately and was greeted with the words: “We’ve got some news….”

It wasn’t the news we expected:

“Winnie’s birth mother has had another baby, would we consider either fostering to adopt, or adoption?!”

It was only three days since we had received the call telling us that our little boy’s Adoption Order had finally gone through. We were still celebrating. The dust has not yet settled. And here we are again, thrown in to turmoil with a huge decision to be made. When will this Ground Hog Day end?!


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