Learning to Embrace Change

Autumn LeavesLast year passed us by. We spent a whole year living in limbo, waiting and hoping. This year could not be more of a contrast. It has been a year of change.

It started in January when we finally became a family of five. Since then our house has been thrown in to chaos as renovations have taken place to accommodate our growing family.

Eddie has changed his job, taken a huge step and become a contractor. A major leap for someone who doesn’t particularly like change and stayed in the same job for 17 years!

Sammy Skateboard has successfully completed his GCSEs and moved on to sixth form.

Winnie has said goodbye to her infant school and her amazing teaching assistant of three years and moved to a new junior school.

And I have been a stay at home Mum for the last nine months, just about surviving the six week summer holidays (I usually escape to work to recharge my batteries!).

A lot of this has been very tricky for Winnie who cannot cope with any sort of change. We moved our bed three years ago and she still asks us to put it back.

It has been and continues to be, a massive year for all of us. We have barely had time to breathe. But as I explained to Winnie yesterday it is all positive change.

All of us, including Winnie, absolutely adore Baby Billy and he adores us. Our house is a much nicer place to be, lighter, brighter and more spacious. In theory we should have a little bit more money. Sammy will be happier, as he no longer has to study subjects he hates (although being a teenage boy it is hard to tell whether he happy, sad or just indifferent). Whatever! And hopefully Winnie will flourish in her new school. Trips to the city farm, swimming, horse-riding and outdoor learning are all on the curriculum.

We all know change is inevitable and an intrinsic part of life. But very often the thought of it is far more frightening than the reality. This is nearly always the case for Winnie.

At 16 months however, change is great. Life is all about discovering, experiencing and learning new things. Baby Billy is over the moon that not only can he now walk, he can also run. This morning we went to the park and I watched his face light up as, for the first time, he crunched through newly fallen autumn leaves. I think we can all take a leaf out of Baby Billy’s book (excuse the pun)!

Who knows what the rest of the year has in-store for us. We have already had another unexpected phone call (see Ground Hog Day). But whatever life throws at us, we will do our best to embrace the change as it definitely beats living in limbo!


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