Becoming A Frazzled, Frenzied, Lady of Leisure

At the ripe old age of 47 having already been a parent for 16 years I suddenly find myself in the bizarre position of being a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ or ‘SAHM’ as it is known in social media land. And quite frankly it is freaking me out!

I have never, not worked. When Sammy was born I was self-employed, working from home. I had a deadline five days after we came out of hospital, which I had to meet otherwise I wouldn’t get paid.

Yes I have had two periods of adoption leave, but technically I still had a job to go back to.

But Winnie’s needs, Baby Billy’s age and the prohibitive cost of nursery mean work is no longer really an option. To be honest I don’t want anyone else to look after Billy. I want to enjoy the next couple of years with him before he starts school. Something I sadly missed out on with Winnie.

So after a great deal of deliberation I have reluctantly resigned. It’s official I am now a SAHM, or as some of my friends would say, a Lady of Leisure!

pilates stick personAnd yes when I hear the term Stay at Home Mum I picture a 30 something woman dressed head to toe in White Stuff. She arrives Lattesunflustered at the school gate to drop of her well groomed children, before breast feeding her baby, dropping him off at crèche and then attending a Pilate’s class. Afterwards she will go for a skinny latte before returning home to bake bread, prepare a Beef Wellington from scratch, pop it in the oven and then make an angel costume for the school play before heading out on the school run.

My life is nothing like this!

Despite not working I still seem to run around in a disorganised, frazzled frenzy!!

The job description for a SAHM should read as follows…

Responsibilities include:

CookingFrazzled Mum
Dog Walking
Pooper Scooping
Logistics Management
Costume Designer

And anything else we may decide to throw at you

Work is a doddle compared to everything I now find myself doing 24/7 without a break. A lunch hour seems like a distant dream.

I apologise to all those SAHMs I have misjudged over the years. This is the hardest job I have ever done.

So wish me luck as I embark on a whole new career and I apologise if my blogs start to ramble and become increasingly incoherent. It will be because I haven’t spoken to another adult for several days.


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