2016 – Let’s Hope It’s A Good One!

20151215_185608-16th January 2016

Mince Pies eaten: 1

Chocolates eaten before 9am: 5 (please make them go away!)

Meetings/Appointments this week: 4 (1 x Therapist, 1 x school and professionals meeting, 1 x Parent’s Evening, 1 x Fracture Clinic)

Forms to complete: 3

And so it is 2016 and for the first time in two years we have started the New Year year without a cloud of uncertainty shrouding us. We are not waiting to hear from social workers about placement orders, adoption orders, panel dates, court hearings or any other life changing decisions that are being made by strangers. And the feeling is liberating. This year we can plan and book things; holidays, festivals, girls weekends, boys weekends and gigs. We can accept invitations and even, if we are so inclined and not too knackered, actually go out together as our babysitters no longer have to be vetted by the Local Authority. The world is our oyster!

2015 was a hell of a year. It started on January 5th when we finally met our gorgeous Baby Boy. We then proceeded to have the house renovated so that we could fit everyone in. Eddie Exercise took an uncharacteristic risk, jacked in permanent employment and became a contractor. Sammy Skateboard didn’t study for his GCSEs, but somehow managed to pass them all and get a place in the sixth form. Winnie Whirlwind waved a sad goodbye to her infant school and amazing teaching assistant and transferred to a special school. We were on tenterhooks for several months waiting for an Adoption Order. I made the very difficult and scary decision to become a lady of leisure, or in other words a stay at home mum (this is now under discussion as they have asked me to stay on one day a week – yippee, fingers crossed the powers that be approve it!) And we said a very sad farewell to our beloved 17 year old cat. Finally the year ended with a bang, literally, when Sammy fell off his skateboard and broke his humerus. Obviously there was also the obligatory partying, drinking, eating and karaoke with friends as we hurtled in to the early hours of 2016.

And so the New Year brings unknown territory and an almost clean slate. And when I said we are not shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty I was telling a little white lie. There are a few uncertainties still hanging over us, but it is more a light morning mist than a cloud.

Will Eddie’s contract be renewed?

Will the big bosses let me work one day a week?

What is going to happen about Sammy’s AS mocks, which start next week (a five hour art exam is an impossibility with a broken arm)?

Will Winnie ever settle at her new school? They are struggling to manage her behaviour and I receive almost daily phone calls to update me on her latest inappropriate antics. Cue big meeting tomorrow morning.

Will it every stop raining?

Will Winnie ever stop eating her own clothes? Not just irritating, but rather an expensive and unhealthy nasty habit!

Will I actually make it to an exercise class?

Will Baby Boy say any words that people can understand?

And will Eddie agree to get a kitten? There is a hole in our family that needs to be filled by a feline character.

Who knows what the future holds? All I know is the next five minutes may involve another Mince Pie and an unnecessarily large dollop of brandy butter. Well someone has to get rid of it all!

Bring it on.


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