Chaos Reigns with Brass Knobs On – Diary of an Adoptive Parent

Diamente Bracelet

February 2016

Coffees Drunk: 6

Meetings/Appointments this week: Only two (amazing I know!)

Ducks Fed: 55

Skateboard accidents reported: 1

Phone calls from school today: none (yeah Winnie has had a very rare good day!!)

I can’t believe it’s February 2nd already. As usual the last few weeks have passed me by in a haze of appointments, meetings, meetings and meetings.

But today we had no commitments involving anyone professional (no offence to my friend that popped in for coffee). So Baby Billy and I made the most of the chilly winter sun and headed for the park to feed the ducks. And yes we did feed them sliced white bread, which I know is not what you are meant to do now. But in my 40 plus years of duck feeding I have never seen a duck explode after eating a bit of Hovis (or any other well known brand of sliced bread). Baby Boy loved it as all the ducks jumped out of the water and followed us around the pond. I’m not sure if they were attracted by the bread, or the diamanté bracelet he had carefully chosen as today’s accessory for our trip to the park.

It was lovely to have a break and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Things have been manic over the last few weeks (no change there then!)

Baby Billy has started nursery, as despite my attempts to resign it seems I am going back to work two days a week. It is lovely to be wanted!

So Billy is going to nursery two mornings a week. He is not very keen on the idea. The staff have to prise him from my neck, whilst he struggles and screams. I feel wicked and evil. They assure me he stops after ten minutes and that it is purely for my benefit. But it is horrible! On the plus side I guess it shows he is very attached to me! When I pick him up he comes running to me with open arms and a huge smile, chanting Mum Mum Mum Mum.

Winnie Whirlwind has been up to her usual tricks with brass knobs on! Her behaviour is becoming increasingly challenging. I receive daily phone calls from the Head to inform me of her latest, often dangerous antics. We have become quite friendly. She often ends the calls with a phrase along the lines of: “poor you, I hope you manage to have a nice evening/weekend.” She is an experienced head of a special school. This doesn’t fill me with much hope!

As for Sammy Skateboard, well his broken arm has completely healed, so he is extremely happy. Me not so much! He was given the all clear yesterday by the consultant who said: “see you next time!” And so this morning Sammy set off for school and an AS mock, on his bike with his skateboard strapped to his back. He returned five hours later with a rather sore looking scrape on the exact spot where he had broken his arm. Apparently he visited the skate park on the way home and did a complete head over heels flip.

I despair!

And so life continues as normal in complete chaos, which is due to be exacerbated on 18th February when I return to work. I have no idea how I’m going to get everyone organised and out of the house to their respective destinations and make myself look remotely respectable, let alone arrive in the office on time with my brain in gear and raring to go. What have I done!!


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