Handbag Roulette

BagLike many women I carry all the essentials of daily life around in my handbag. Every morning I look longingly at my stylish little brown leather shoulder bag, but reject it in favour of a large sack-style affair, which accommodates everything required for the school/nursery runs and a day at work.

There is no way I could fit…

an emergency nappy,

wet wipes,

toy car,


emergency snacks (think slightly black banana and a squashed packet of mini-cheddars),

mobile phone,

snuggle blanket (Baby Boys, not mine),

bottle of water,

diet coke (emergency caffeine fix),

old train tickets,

Haribos with bits of hair and sand stuck to them (why is there always sand in my bag?!),

packet of crayons from a well known family restaurant chain,

scrunched up kid’s drawings,


stray coins,

old receipts,

hair bands,

keys (right at the very, very bottom in the deepest, darkest recess of the bag).

and more,

…in to something with any style.

But the problem with a multi-purpose sack is, you never know what is lurking at the bottom.

The other day I knocked my bag while sitting at my desk and the repetitive sound of Peppa Pig started emanating from its depths. Baby Boy must have popped his Peppa Pig toy camera in to my bag when I wasn’t looking.

Then there is the dangerous act of rummaging, which is inevitably a daily occurrence as you desperately search for your keys or phone amongst the mass of debris. It is not advisable to do this in public as you never know what might fly out, snotty tissue, tampon, half eaten sausage roll?! But sometimes it is unavoidable. And yesterday was one of those occasions. Unfortunately it was during a meeting with suppliers at an external venue. I was forced to rummage in my bag to find a business card. Luckily I did have one. Unluckily it was a little bit dog-eared and coated in slightly squished, melted smarties. I guess it could have been worse, but it was not really the impression I was going for!



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