The Joys of Working from Home

Peppa Pig“Working from home” in inverted commas is not the easiest of things when you are also looking after two children, a dog and an eight week old kitten that are constantly vying for your attention, while the teenager who you have asked to help, sleeps through the chaos.

Unfortunately the electronic babysitter, or television as it is commonly known, doesn’t work on animals. And anyway there are only so many episodes of Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Blaze and the Monster Machine you can tolerate before it starts seeping in to your pshyce and distracting you from the numbers on your spreadsheet, which start swimming before your eyes. Although to be honest it doesn’t take much to distract me from numbers. They are not my thing, I much prefer words as they are far easier to manipulate without anyone noticing!

And there are other distractions. I am sitting at the breakfast bar, far too close to the fridge and food cupboards. So far I have eaten two cupcakes, a bowl of unwanted Frosties, a slice of quiche and a line of chocolate, as well as consumed four cups of coffee. I haven’t even prepared lunch yet.

Then there is the ultimate time waster, social media, which as many of you know, when you work from home becomes a substitute for office gossip and banter. As you can see instead of analysing my data, whilst trying to ignore the children, I have decided to write a completely unnecessary blog and post photos on Twitter.

And of course there is the housework. On any other day housework is at the very, very, bottom of my list of priorities. I live by the motto “a clean house is the sign of a dull life”. But when I’m working from home I suddenly seem to notice the dirty floor, the dust on the bookcase and the fact that the fridge needs cleaning (probably because I am opening the door every two minutes). It just has to be dealt with now!

However just in case my boss does read this, what I will say is the work that I do at home is probably more intense and productive than when I’m in the office as I have no grown-ups to talk to. And as all my colleagues know I find it very difficult not to chat!

So enough of this idle wittering, I need to distract the children and animals with a pile of food and get back to analysing my data. Sshh, can’t you see I’m trying to work…ooh and I must just go and empty the washing machine.


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