‘Tis the Season to be Frazzled

knomesChristmas is coming
Everything is manic
Daddy pretends it’s not happening
And Mummy’s in a panic.

The kids are completely hyper
Will Santa ever come?
Too many cards to be written
Will the wrapping ever get done?

Lists have been written
For food and drink and toys
The demands are never ending
In this season full of joy.

The tree and lights are twinkling
The kittens sit in wait
Will it still be standing
When they leap and seal it’s fate.

A carrot for the reindeer
A beer for the main man
Mummy’s feeling frazzled
But everything’s gone to plan.

The house is finally quiet
The kids are fast asleep
The stockings are all bulging
Please do not peep!

A frenzy of unwrapping
Squeals of delight
A grunt from the teenager
I think we’ve got it right!

Endless sprouts and potatoes
Oops the turkey’s on the floor
The dog is very happy
But we can’t eat any more.

And then it’s all over
In the blink of an eye
Mummy cleans up the debris
Chomping on her fifteenth mince pie.

Tomorrow we take it easy
It’s known as Sofa, I mean Boxing Day
Aargh despite all the presents
The kids still don’t know what to play!

But as we immerse ourselves in Baileys
We forget all the pain
So just a little reminder
It’s only 365 days until we do it again!


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