January Jingle


It’s that time of year
When we wipe the slate clean,
When we give up beer
And try to kick the caffeine.

We count ever penny,
As we’ve run out of cash,
Because the presents were many,
So were the nights on the lash!

We resolve to get fit,
Head outside for a run.
Ahh, I don’t fit in to my kit
This isn’t going to be fun!

No more chunks of white bread,
Cheese, curry or cake.
We’ll eat salad instead
Just the thought makes me shake!

One more day cannot hurt,
It’s cold and grey outside.
We don’t want to over exert
Let’s stay in our onesies and hide.

There’s still box sets to watch
And films we’ve not seen.
So shall we pour a small scotch
And just stare at a screen?

Let’s sit on the sofa
And dream of blue skies.
Another slice of Pavlova?
Sod it, pass the mince pies!


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