All About Us

Family 2016

We are the Clutterbucks, a family created through birth and adoption. We are disorganised and messy. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because of the children, Eddie and I were like this before they came in to our lives. They didn’t stand a chance! Our home is what a kind friend describes as ‘shabby chic’. In reality, on occasions it is more like an episode from the Hoarder Next Door. We can never find anything and scrabble around every morning looking for shoes, socks, keys and missing school letters that urgently need signing. I am the sort of terrible mother who turns up at the  school gate hot and flustered having forgotten that it is ‘non-school uniform day’. To add to the chaos we have a teenager who is not revising for exams, an eight year old with behavioural problems and learning difficulties and a very curious and increasingly vocal two year old. Oh, I mustn’t forget our bouncy Springer Spaniel, who is becoming quite neurotic in his middle-age barking incessantly at thin air and last but not least, the latest additions to our family, two little kittens who literally climb the curtains. Life is very colourful and never dull! This is our story. Let me introduce you to everyone:

Small Blue HandprintName: Eddie Exercise (Dad)

Likes: Football, running, computers and beer

Dislikes: Blue Cheese & American Sitcoms

Small Red HandprintName: Crafty Kitty (Mum)

Likes: All things crafty, dancing and girl’s nights out

Dislikes: Spiders & tunnels

Small Green Handprint

Name: Sammy Skateboard (16 year old birth son)

Likes: Skateboarding, surfing and computer games

Dislikes: Getting up early and vegetables

Small Pink Handprint

Name: Winnie Whirlwind (8 year old adopted daughter)

Likes: Mama Mia, Frozen, drawing, dancing and baby dolls

Dislikes: Sitting still & being quiet

Small Yellow HandprintName: Baby Billy (2 year old – adopted son)

Likes: Playing with his kitchen, animals and squeezy hugs

Dislikes: Nappy changes & scrambled eggs

Dog FootprintName: Hairy Horace

Likes:  Playing ball, cudddles, playing ball and playing ball

Dislikes: Handbag dogs & rainy days

Cat Paw Print Pink

Name: Tilly Tippytoes

Likes: Chasing her brother, playing with the dogs tail and milk

Dislikes: The dog (apart from his tail)

Cat Paw Print Blue

Name: Oscar Oddsox

Likes: Chasing his sister, toy cars and milk

Dislikes: The dog



We sadly said goodbye to our gentle cat, Sleepy Sid in November 2015 aged 17.
We still miss him xx



Name: Sleepy Sid

LIkes:  Sleeping, warm sunny spots (for sleeping) & cheese

Dislikes: Any other dog that dares to enter the house


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