Crafty Crab

Crab 7As a family we love anything seaside related. We can’t wait for summer and long days spent on the beach. And so with that in mind we thought we would have a go at creating a crafty crab.

You will need:


Masking Tape



Pipe Cleaners


Googly Eyes

Scrunch the newspaper up to create one body, six legs and two pinchers

Crab 2

Stick together with masking tape, then cover the whole crab in masking tape, squeezing it in to shape as you go.

Crab 3


Crab 4

Once it is completely covered in tape, paint away.


While it is drying cut a pipe cleaner to your required size and stick the googly eyes on the ends. When the crab is dry make two small holes, where you would like its eyes to be and insert the pipe cleaners.

Crab 6

Done – you now have a Crafty Crab

Crab 8


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