Play Dough Stress Balls

Green Ball Small Eight weeks of house renovations have made it very difficult for us to do any craft activities this summer. But we are gradually emerging from the chaos and our kitchen table is now back in action.

So this afternoon when it was pouring down with rain we decided to make our own stress balls.

This is the perfect activity for Winnie Whilwind, as she loves any sort of sensory play and this is sensory by the bucketful, involving endless squidging and squeezing. Even sixteen year old Sammy Skateboard couldn’t resist this one.

All you need is play dough, balloons and permanent markers.

What You Need

To add to the sensory fun we made our own play dough using the Imagination Tree’s recipe.

Give the play dough a good squish and roll it in to very thin sausages.

playdough worm

Feed the sausages in to your balloon, squidging and squeezing it as you go.

stuffing balloon

Once your balloon is in place squash and squeeze it again to remove the air and tie a knot

photo (32)

Now get creative and draw you face

Purple Ball Small Pink Ball Small









Simple! You know have a stress ball that will keep fidgety hands happy for hours (well hopefully J)!

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